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Security Basecamp (SBC) has highly experienced business-oriented cybersecurity professionals combining expertise across the breadth of financial service regulations, security frameworks, and information technology.

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Years of Experience

Paul Osterberg

Your vCISO Expert

Paul is an experienced financial services industry executive serving as a Chief Information Security Officer with multiple Broker Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, and Insurance Firms. SBC has completed over 200 cybersecurity risk assessments over the past five years and performed vendor risk assessments on hundreds of third parties serving the independent advice industry.

Regulatory Compliant Security Expertise & Guidance

Cybersecurity vCISO Service

Designed to make top-tier security professionals available to your organization for security expertise and guidance.



Create, develop, maintain, enforce, and optimize the company’s security program and its related activities.


Regulatory Compliance

Provide and enforce up-to-date cybersecurity regulatory compliance advice and intelligence.


Cybersecurity Risk Management

Assess the risk of your firm and its vendors to ensure any vulnerabilities or threats are managed.

Your Security & Compliance Trusted Partner

Hundreds of Risks Assessments Completed

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

We create a formal Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Report that includes recommendations and best practices to make your cybersecurity program more effective and compliant. A risk assessment maximizes your return on investments made on cybersecurity controls.


Your Cyber Program & Create a Critical Assets Inventory
Benchmark your organization’s cybersecurity practices against industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Identify what needs to be protected. Assess your information security policies & procedures.


Your Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities & Threats
Identify vulnerabilities and threats facing your organization. Analyze and articulate which are most harmful.


Your Cybersecurity Risks
Implement controls that mitigate vulnerabilities and threats identified. Leverage security best practices, regulatory guidance, and professional use of cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST, CSF, COBIT, or others as applicable.

Your Security & Compliance Trusted Partner

Manage Third Party Risk

Vendor Due Diligence

Monitor, validate, and remediate risks presented by third-party vendors. Ensure your vendors protect your data, comply with regulations, and provide sustainable services that meet your requirements.


Information from Vendors

Administer due diligence questionnaires and gather relevant vendor documentation.


Vendor Vulnerabilities and Risks

Review information provided by the vendor to identify and assess any related cybersecurity or regulatory risks.


A Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA)

Create a report that summarizes any risks. Provide recommendations for implementation that address the highlighted risks.

Your Security & Compliance Trusted Partner

Ethically Finding Your Threats and Vulnerabilities Before an Attacker Does

Penetration Testing

SBC works with reputable partners to take a targeted, client-centric testing approach to penetration testing that starts with an attacker profile, industry-centric threats, and risk tolerance.


The risk of breach

Detect vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to a cyber-attack.


Hidden Weaknesses

Address hidden weaknesses in your firm’s security. Identify potential network and infrastructure vulnerabilities


The security of Your IT

Evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities

Your Security & Compliance Trusted Partner

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Cybersecurity Executive Meeting
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SBC works in collaboration with different partners serving highly regulated industries to leverage each other expertise and better serve our clients.

Cyber Program Management System
Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Leveraging complimentary expertise by surrounding ourselves with the best in the industry

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