About Us

Cybersecurity Advice and Guidance Delivered in a Business-Oriented Way

Security Basecamp brings a business-oriented approach to completing cybersecurity projects and the technical acumen to work effectively with your internal or external IT and Information Security staff. 

We Help You to:

Be Compliant.
Be Cybersecure.

Our Mission

To help financial services firms protect the confidential information of their businesses and their clients. Much of the cybersecurity industry is built on selling complex solutions that are often difficult to understand. We aim to simplify that.

Our mission is to help business-oriented entrepreneurs and senior managers know what they need to do to be cyber secure and compliant with applicable regulation.

A trusted Partner
Verifiable Financial Industry Expertise
Knowledge of regulatory compliance (FINRA, SEC, NY-DFS)
Cybersecurity certifications

Paul Osterberg

Your vCISO Expert

Paul is an experienced financial services industry executive serving as a Chief Information Security Officer with multiple Broker Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, and Insurance Firms. SBC has completed over 200 cybersecurity risk assessments over the past five years and performed vendor risk assessments on hundreds of third parties serving the independent advice industry.